Passage Through Time Collection

“Covid 19 pandemic swept the world in one day and the same happened to the feeling of time. My distorted sense of time this year, left a strong mark on the collection as well. It can be observed in deformed, twisted silhouettes, spontaneous curves and unusual human figure shapes and proportions, made to confuse the perception and common sense.”

‘Passage Through Time’ is an artistic journey of time–traveling, from 16th – mid 17th century men’s clothes cut and construction, to the archetypal Julia Cameron’s Victorian figures, Hammershoi’s solitary atmosphere of peculiarly closed ‘home’ without the least sense of the world outside, and Traditional Dutch Costumes from beginning of the twentieth century.

The film brings out a silent, static world abandoned by humanity. The absence of life is even more pronounced in this slightly dense, oppressive and almost ghostly atmosphere. The presence of the human figure here has a sense of homelessness, because of his fleeting presence in the eternity of time and space.