N O T H I N G N E S S   Collection

Nothingness is my way of trying to depict the meaning of reality and the mystery of identity. Also trying to explore the origins of the beliefs and intuitions which shape and order my vision of life away from the trivia of daily life, attached to objects or values which are so irrelevant.

I found the inspiration in the mystery and the inexplicable of Virginia Woolf’s characters, rarely enclosed in precise outlines. Also, LS Lowry’s interpretation of everyday existence where he did not celebrate his subjects but rather capturing a ‘way of life’, a monotonous existence of ghostly people as a whole, unconsciously commemorating the lost working-class dress codes of 1920s and 30s.

The Collection have resulted in an absence of coherence, a random assemble of fragments of life. I believe the individual identity is always altering and changing its shape in response to the forces surrounding it. What I create today, I should not create in a year’s time.

Yet, finally the fragments do arrange themselves into a meaningful order.